Are you telling people what you do?

If you aren’t telling people what you do, how will they know you can help?  Make sure you regularly let people know you buy houses and that you can solve their real estate problems.  Make t-shirts, have cards, makes signs, post on face book…   Just do something that tells people you are looking for a house everyday and you will do more deals than you thought possible.   Check…


What is the difference between an asset and a liability. It is simple. Assets put money in your pocket. Liabilities take money out of your pocket. Are houses assets or liabilities? The answer is they can be both. Here is an example of the same house being an asset to one person, but a liability to another.    

Have you set your goals for this year?

As we approach the new year, have you thought about setting your goals? If you have’t, I suggest that you do. Goals are important. They are a road map with a destination. If you do not pick a place to go, you can get lost quickly.   When you set your goals remember the 6 areas: Family, Spiritual, Friends/ Relationships, Physical, Business and Education. Also, read the book The Slight Edge…

Women make Great Investors

Women make some of the best real estate investors. Why? Because they are smart, beautiful and TOUGH! Want proof? Here is a video of Ashley. She closed a short sale and fielded calls in the hospital all while being 8 cm dilated with our first born. I would like to see a man come anywhere close to that!