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I’m a firm believer in chiropractors, and I’ve been going to them since I was 5 years old. During that time, I have witnessed them do some remarkable things. I’ve seen them break fevers, stop vertigo, heal migraines and much more.


One of the biggest of these things happened to me in Calhoun with Doctor Max Proctor. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right shoulder. The constant dull pain was only relieved when I contorted my right arm in such a way that my shoulder popped.


During high school, I went to see an orthopedist about the issue. They informed me I had tendonitis and that they wanted to do surgery to correct it.


I don’t enjoy being cut on. They said it would be a noninvasive surgery, but anytime someone comes at me with a sharp knife, I consider it invasive. Needless to say, I decided to tough it out.


In 2001, we moved to Calhoun. It was then that I met Dr. Proctor. During my first examination, I told him about my shoulder. I’d been to a lot of different chiropractors, but Proctor gave me the most in-depth examination I had ever been through. He had me do some strange leg lifts and arm moves while lying face down, and he even made me move my tongue around. Afterward, he rolled me over onto my back and took out a tool called an activator (which his patients refer to as “the clicker”). He then proceeded to go to work on my clavicle. When he was done, the pain immediately went away.


I looked up at him in astonishment and exclaimed, “What did you just do?” He told me my clavicle was not aligned correctly. It had slid down, probably from a football hit, and was pushing on the tendons below it. He had put it back into place using the clicker. When he did, the tendonitis was gone… immediately! Now that’s what I call noninvasive.



Technically I did have tendonitis, but I didn’t need surgery. I just needed someone with Dr. Proctor’s knowledge to put my body back in alignment.


He healed me that day. And because of that, I spent the next 16 years going to him regularly. He’s the doctor I trusted when Ashley broke her back, and he’s the one I trusted to do the first adjustment on both my children.


This year was Dr. Proctor’s last year working as chiropractor. He and his wife, Jacque, who serves as his office manger and business partner, have decided to retire and move to the beach. I don’t know of two people who deserve it more.


What they did before they got ready to leave was brilliant. The Proctors sold their business in a creative way that turned them into master investors and will fund their retirement.


Instead of selling the business for cash, they elected to sell it using an installment contract, i.e. they owner financed it. That means while they’re soaking up the sun at the beach, they’ll have money coming in every month no matter what.


But it gets even better — they leased their building to the new owner and now get to enjoy all the benefits of having rental property.


Max and Jacque put their hearts and souls into that business, but they used their brains to turn their collective life’s work into a great passive investment. Is that being a savvy investor or what?


Max and Jacque, you have improved so many lives during your careers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for caring for my family for so many years. We are much better because of you. Although I’m excited for this new chapter in your lives to begin, I’m sad to see you go. Enjoy the beach, but know you’ll be missed.


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.


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