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Seven Houses till Sunday


Boy, do we have a full plate right now. We have four active rehab projects, plus three rentals houses we need to fill. Put it all together: yep, that’s seven open properties. Woohoo!


Rehab No.1 is located on Rush Chapel Road. Painting and light installation was completed Tuesday which meant I had to get cabinets and flooring ordered and delivered so the guys could keep moving forward.



The people at the pro desk at my Calhoun Home Depot took care of matching the right size cabinets to our design. I’m not good at that, but Cassia is. She did it in an afternoon and had them sitting up front for me the following day. Not only was that a huge time saver, but it took a huge load off, as well.


With flooring, we got the laminate on site with no issue. Our carpet is another story however. The rooms are a strange size. Carpet normally comes in 12 foot wide rolls. So if your rooms have widths and lengths of greater than 12 feet, you have to buy more carpet. Rush Chapel’s rooms all have widths or lengths of 13 feet. They do make a carpet that is 13 feet 2 inches, but everybody in town seems to be out of it ­— that is except my buddy Kenny Fowler over at Dodd’s. He was able to get me what I needed, and now the floor man can move forward, as well.


Rehab No.2 is waiting for a drywall finisher to fix the texture in the ceilings and repair the places where we moved plumbing. We have a great service provider, but like most contractors who do good work and are affordable, he tends to be very busy. On this one, we had a construction snag that caused us to have to reschedule the drywall project. That snag cost us a week, but the drywall finisher will now be there Thursday.



Rehab No.3 is one we purchased this past Friday. It needed a roof badly! Like, you can see daylight from the inside of the house when you look up. My roofer told me he could price putting the new roof on, but that he’d have to wait until the old shingles were off to know how much plywood he’d have to replace. I hate when you have unknowns like that. But I trust my roofer and I know he’ll be fair.

He sent me pictures of the old plywood. It was bad. We had to re-deck the whole back side of the house.


Rehab No.4 starts this week. This is a rental we have owned for years, but it’s time to sell it and cash out some of the equity we’ve built up in it. The first step will be to get over there and draw up the detailed scope of work. After that, we need to start lining up contractors.


All that, and we still have three rentals to fill. Well we don’t have to fill all three. Apparently there’s a scam artist in Bartow County who is meeting people in person at one of our properties and trying to rent them the house from the outside. He then tries to get their bank account info so he can ­— ahem ­— “deduct a security deposit” and “secure” them the house.

Actual guy trying to show our house


P.S., we still have tenants living there. It’s a nice house in a good area. I tell you, thieves are brave.


That ordeal took a few calls to the Cartersville PD, but thanks to them and my tenant’s surveillance system, I don’t think the guy will be coming back around.


Normally with this much going on, I’d be freaking out. But I have a great team that I can depend on to share the load. That has made all the difference in the world and has kept me from flipping out seven houses till Sunday.


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