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Real estate investing is a team sport

Real estate investing is a team sport


I will never forget the last week of December in 2021. That week was a massive departure from the norm for me. It started on Sabbath morning when I awoke to back pain. You see, I hurt my back in the gym the week before Thanksgiving. I was doing an exercise called pendulum squats when I felt something move in my back. It didn’t hurt, but I knew instantly something wasn’t right.


As the day went on, the symptoms got worse. And the following morning, I was in so much pain I could barely get out of the bed, and I couldn’t even hold the baby.



My chiropractor got me loosened up, but it took me nearly three weeks to be able to move without pain.


Friday night of this week, I slept with the baby so Ashley could get some rest. And whatever acrobatics that ensued during the night pulled my back right out. It wasn’t as bad as before — yet. But it was still pretty painful.


We went to worship, and when we got home, my oldest started complaining of stomach pain. And you know what came next. And boy did it come. Bless his heart. We poke at him about ruining all our rugs because he never seems to make it to the bathroom. And multiple times that evening, he stayed true to his typical methodology. Needless to say, he was poor baby, and we were down multiple rugs.


Monday morning, I decided to go to the gym thinking that movement would help loosen my back up. It had the reverse effect, and I think I threw my back out even further. I was in some of the worst pain I had ever been in. My doctor prescribed me some muscle relaxers and some heavy-duty naproxen. And I actually took them. They should tell you something because I don’t take pills. But I gladly took those, and all I could do was lay on the couch to keep from being in excruciating pain.


So next, the baby started throwing up just like my oldest. At that point, Ashley was taking care of two sick kids, and I felt plain worthless laying there watching her struggle and being unable to help.


It got so bad that our pediatrician told us to go to the ER on Wednesday. Ashley took them, and after sitting there for a few hours, all we got was a negative test result for covid and flu. They did give them some anti-nausea medication, and that seemed to help tremendously.


We were also able to get me to a chiropractor. I was hurting around my SI joint. And the doctor was able to loosen that area up and work on my psoas muscle — the big muscle that attaches at the lower lumbar area and ends at the front of your pelvis. When it becomes too tight, it can pull your lower back out, which it was doing on me.


After I got off the table, I was able to walk upright for the first time in three days. And I was very grateful.


So here we are on Thursday, and I have not been in the office all week. So, how was I getting work done?


The answer is that real estate investing is a team sport.


You see, many mom-and-pop investors often try to do everything on their own from buying to funding and rehabbing to listing. And I get that. To begin with, you may not have the ability to pay for help, and you may have to do it all on your own. But that makes you a limiting factor in your business.


While I was hurt, we had one rehab finish and another one begin. My team was out there putting gravel in, doing electrical, painting out buildings, installing insulation and even working on plumbing — all while I was laid up at the house.


My agent got professional pictures taken, got the house on market, and already had showings — all while I was unable to do things on my own.

At the office, rents were being collected and bills were being paid without me being there.


There’s an African proverb that says “If you wish to go fast, go alone. If you wish to go far, go with others.” Without my amazing team, we wouldn’t have been going anywhere. But because of them, we have gone far even without me being there for the week. And that is why it is good to realize that real estate investing is a team sport.


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.


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