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Make a life, not just a living

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Motivational | 1 comment

Make a life, not just a living:


I had a very spiritual moment last week as I was out door knocking. I found myself on a little country road in Adairsville named Hall Station; it’s the road you take to get to Barnsley Gardens. Way down on Hall Station, almost to Kingston, there’s a pull-off on the west side of the road where kids go to jump off the rope swing into Connesena Creek.


For the people of Bartow County, this spot is known for how cold the water is; but for Joey, it holds a warm place in my heart. You see, this is where, in my adulthood, I asked Yahweh to wash me clean.


Needless to say, that water was frigid, but when I emerged from it, I was on fire – and I’d never felt more alive.


I hadn’t been to that spot in more than a decade, but something in my being told me to disregard the promptings of the GPS lady’s voice and at least drive by where I’d been made a new creature.


I decided to park on the side of the road and make my way down the bank to the swimming hole. I noticed someone had thought to put astroturf on the launching pad where the swing is so swimmers won’t get so muddy as they jumped off.


It was warm. Across the creek there was a field where the new grass and daffodils were swaying in the breeze. The sun’s rays were cascading through the gothic-looking pin oaks. And as I reminisced about those old familiar emotions and took in the beauty, I knelt down on that astroturf and thanked my Father in Heaven for this wonderful experience.

I got back into my truck and let the GPS lead me back to my door-knocking route. The next right was Old Hall Station Rd. As I rounded the curve, I noticed a farm on the left. It had a pond in the front yard with an old boat next to it. This caught my attention because it was out of place. The grounds were well maintained, and this boat looked like something Hemmingway would’ve written about.


I thought to myself that being a farmer looked like a lot of work. There were at least 10 acres of well-manicured yard there, and that didn’t include any of the pasture.


The log-sided house was well kept with a large barn on the right that matched its style. Parked in the middle of the barn was another boat. This one, however, was on a trailer, and you could tell it was taken out regularly.


As I saw all this, I wondered how in the world the farmer had time to take the boat out while keeping the grounds maintained and running the farm. Then it dawned on me: they made time for it.


I think something we as investors and business owners forget is to make time to enjoy life. I think we get so caught up in doing tasks that we become human doings and forget that we’re created to be human beings.


This is something I’m guilty of. I get caught up in all the day-to-day tasks associated with finding the next deal, running rehabs and dealing with the rental properties. I have wonderful a wife and two babies at home, however. And they deserve to experience life with a spouse and dad who’s dedicated to being there with them doing the things that make a life – not just a living.


I’m thankful Yahweh pulled me off my door-knocking route and put me in a place and mindset where I could hear this message. I hope you’re where you can hear it too.


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