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Just Keep Going

Just Keep Going


Have you ever had Yahweh speak to you before? I’ve been blessed to hear Him three times. Now it wasn’t as grand as a booming voice from heaven, but it wasn’t something just impressing on my spirit either.


Three times now I’ve heard a still small voice in my ear that was not my own. The most recent was two years ago when I was going through a very difficult trial. I was in the shower, literally crying out to Yahweh, and I heard Him ask, “Do you trust Me?” I empathically answered “Yes!” And that was that. A still small voice that helped me stop worrying and start trusting. And you know what, the trial ended better than I could’ve imagined.


The time before that had to do with if I could date Ashley or not. You see, I had made some poor relationship choices prior to her and had vowed to Yahweh that I wouldn’t date anyone officially until He gave me the go ahead. Ashley and I had been “friends” for 2 years at that point, and I knew she was the one.


One morning I was out running before dawn, praying as I went. I remember pleading in my prayers for an answer. I needed for Him to give me the ok to pursue Ashley or make my feelings for her go away. Once again, I heard an audible still small voice in my ear that gave me the go ahead.


I wasted no time. I went and found her, took her to a park and professed to her how I felt. We kissed for the first time on that park bench and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It’s cool to note that not only is she the perfect girl for me, she was an answer to my prayer, the completion of my vow and so important that Yahweh, the king of the universe, took time out of His busy day to have a talk with me about her.



To say we have something special is an understatement.


The third time was once again on a run. This time I was praying and asking for guidance as to what to do with my life. You see, I want my life to be used to bring esteem to my Father in Heaven and His Kingdom. I remember quoting a lyric from a Matisyahu song in my prayers that morning that said, “I’m the arrow, you’re my bow. Shoot me forth and I will go.”


I meant it then and I mean it today. I want to do the will of my Father and I’ll do whatever He wants me to. All I need is His direction.


That morning it startled me when I heard the still small voice in my ear. He said, “Just keep going.”


You know, I’m still not sure what it fully means. Confused, I asked if He meant just keep going by running another lap? Or did He mean keep going on my plan with life? Or what?


You see, this was before we had really started investing. We were learning and going to seminars, but we hadn’t done a deal yet. So, I didn’t know if “just keep going” referred to real estate.


I did one more lap just to be safe. But that saying has stuck in my mind ever since. And I’ve noticed that when hardships come upon me, if I just keep going and adhere to Matthew 6:33 by seeking Yahweh first in what I’m doing, things tend to work out.


Now, as I’ve been pondering about how to handle the hardships we are facing and what kinds of deals we should be focusing on in this current climate “just keep going” keeps jumping to the forefront of my mind.


You see, we’ve been practicing the deal structures that are going to be essential for the upcoming downturn — subject-to deals, master leases and options — for the past ten years. As a matter of fact, our first closing during the lock down was purchasing a subject-to. So, if we just keep going by making the deals we are already good at, I believe things will turn out very well in the months to come.



As for you, focus on the deal structures you are good at and then just keep going. We’ll get through all this together. And if you need any help, give me a call.


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.


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