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Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself


I wonder if we, as real estate investors, get so caught up in flipping and landlording that we don’t take time to focus on what the word “invest” really means. One definition of investing is to devote one’s time, effort, energy or money to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.


Now, that’s easy to wrap your head around with a flip house, isn’t it? You buy it low, fix it up for a certain amount and expect a worthwhile profit. It’s not hard to see how you’re investing money in that undertaking.


The same is true for a rental property. You buy it and expect it to produce a positive cashflow for many years to come. In both of these scenarios the money aspect of investing is all that we concentrate on. But what about the other resources mentioned in the definition above — your time, effort and energy? Those seem to be far less focused on than the money aspect.


Why is that?



I was at a seminar recently where one of my friends, Danny William, said something profound. We were talking about how education was imperative for procuring private money lenders. The reason for this is a private lender wants to know that the borrower is knowledgeable in the deal they are trying to get funding for. Danny was expressing just how important going to seminars was for business. That’s when he said, “Think about it. Why would a private lender invest in you if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself?”


Let that sink in.


Let’s take that back to our definition of investing. How are you devoting your time, energy, effort and money? Are you devoting it to things that build up equity in yourself?


Personally, Ashley and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in education learning how to invest in real estate. There is no telling how many hours we have devoted to learning this craft. (Hint: it adds up to years) And effort… well, we have put in our share. And those investments have allowed us to get where we are in our real estate career.


In Matthew 6:21, Yahshua says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” And that word for treasure in Greek just means wealth. In other words, where you put your money is what you care about.


As I thought about that verse and thought about what Danny said about investing in ourselves, I had a revelation. I’ve not been putting my wealth into myself. Sure, I have spent a significant amount on education. And I’ve spent the same on business coaching and development. So, my heart has been in building our business. But what about my physical heart?


Currently I weigh 239 pounds. (I should weigh 200. Which I did in May of last year.) Most of that extra 39 lbs. is sitting below my sternum. My lower back hurts all the time because gravity is pulling that extra fat in the opposite direction of the curvature of my spine. And according to my doctor, I have a resting heart rate of 90 beats per minute. I am fat, sluggish and I don’t feel good.


That’s not where my heart should be.


I work out at least three times a week at a 24-hour fitness place in town. But for whatever reason, those workouts aren’t enough to keep my 37-year-old body in shape.


That situation begged this question: If I’m willing to spend thousands of dollars on business coaching, why in the world wouldn’t I be willing to spend that on someone to coach me on being healthy?


I don’t have a good answer for that. I mean really, who cares how much cashflow you have if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?


So, Ashley and I have invested in a health coaching program at Calhoun Spine and Wellness Center called 8 Weeks to Wellness. There, I have a team of physical trainers, a dietician, a massage therapist and a Chiropractor devoted to coaching me on regaining my health and staying that way.


I’ve put my money there, and I intend to devote my time, effort and energy wholeheartedly to this program. And I’ll be sure to update you as to the worthwhile results. Because that, by definition, is what investing is all about.


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.


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