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I Am

I Am:


I’d like to invite you into a night ritual my three year-old daughter and I share most evenings in her room.


I lay her on my chest while we sing songs and pray.


Before I lay her down, I ask her:


“Are you beautiful? Are you funny? Are you strong? Are you fast? Are you smart? Are you a princess of Yahweh?”


With her head on my chest, she’ll sweetly and quietly respond “I am” after each one.


Then I tell her, “Did you know you were endowed with the seeds of greatness -fashioned after the image of Elohim? If you trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding, if you know Him in all your ways, He’ll make your paths straight and there is nothing you can’t do.”


I’ve done this with both of my children since they were born.


It wasn’t until recently that I knew these words had taken root deep within their souls. It’s evident to me when I hear them saying it to themselves- even when no one’s looking.


What do you say to yourself when no one is looking?



Words are so powerful- especially the ones we say to ourselves. I don’t know about you, but it’s often hard for me to speak kindly to myself. I think it’s hard for us to be grateful for the slow advances we’ve made in our pursuits in life. Instead of our successes, we tend to dwell on our short comings and where we’ve failed.


I learned a strategy to overcome some of this bad self talk. It is called an “I am card.”



You can create an “I am card” by writing down all your positive attributes and then add some you hope to become. Both what you are and what you plan to be are very important in this strategy. Recognizing what you’re good at gives you a foundation to build on; owning the things you want to accomplish will make them less elusive. Each thing you write down begins with the words “I am.”


Here’s an example from mine:


“I am 190 pounds. I exercise four days a week for 45 minutes.”


Currently, I actually weigh 219 pounds- that’s a big Joey.


Notice I’m telling myself I’m 29 pounds lighter. What I’m doing is visualizing the goal while letting myself know I believe I can do it.


If you tell yourself you believe in yourself, you eventually will.


Here’s another one:


“I am a real estate investor, not a contractor. I work hard to find deals to provide work for others while providing a retirement for myself.”


This one has been on my card since before our first deal, and I still need to hear it today.


To make your card, get quiet with yourself. Think of all the good things you are and what you want to become. Write them down and put “I am” in front of them.



look at yourself

The next part is uncomfortable: get in front of your bathroom mirror, look yourself in the eyes and read your card to yourself out loud.




You’ll feel silly and uncomfortable at first, but relax, no one’s watching. Remember, this is the place you sing your heart out and dance around naked- it’s OK to talk to yourself.



Do this every single day when you wake up and when you go to sleep. And before long, you’ll realize, “I am more than I thought I could be”.




Just in case no one’s ever told you, you are wonderfully and awesomely made. I believe you were truly endowed with the seeds of greatness- fashioned after the image of our Creator. And if you- and I mean you- trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, if you know Him in all your ways, He will make your paths straight. And there is nothing you can’t do!


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