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I was in the middle lane of Interstate 75 about a mile south of Exit 312 heading north. I needed to meet Ashley at Exit 315. People were slowing in front of me, so I decided to merge left. I glanced left, saw nothing and began to drift into the next lane. That’s when I heard an almost immediate crunch.



I whipped my truck back into the middle lane, mindfully guiding my trailer to make sure it didn’t fishtail into any of the surrounding vehicles. I had only my passenger mirror, as my driver side mirror was gone. I quickly turned my flasher on and merged right where there was just enough room on the exit ramp for my truck and the other vehicle to come to a stop.


As I put it in park, the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just sideswiped someone going 70 mph on the interstate.


Gratitude quickly filled my being as I exited my truck. I said a quick prayer thanking Yahweh for protection and went to check on the other motorist. His name was Harold, and he was fine too.


At 35 years of age, this was my first real moving accident. Harold was from Mississippi, and neither he nor I knew what to do. So my first call was to Steve Poloney, my insurance agent at American Family Insurance (Amfam for short).


First, Steve checked to make sure that both Harold and I were OK and then guided me on what to do next. He told me to get a police officer out to do a report and to make sure I had my insurance card ready.


Steve said, “You do have your card… right?”


Well… I didn’t. I’d misplaced it.


Steve got right on it. He somehow emailed me a digital copy within minutes. Next, he told me he was going bring me a physical copy in case the state patrol officer didn’t like the digital version.


I got off the phone with Steve and called 911. We elected to move our vehicles to a safer location in a nearby parking lot. Once there, Harold and I waited on the officer to show.


Harold asked me who I was on the phone with, and I told him it was my insurance agent. Harold said, “ Really? The way ya’ll talked, I assumed it was one of your buddies.”


I smiled and said, “Steve is an awesome agent. And I only do business with people I like.”


Harold said, “ So he’s your agent and your buddy?” I nodded and said, “Yes sir.”


Within minutes, the officer showed up and started taking our information. Steve pulled up right after him. Not only did Steve have a physical card for me, but he had also brought me a new Mossy Oak camo ball cap with the Amfam logo on it.


Steve did all this at the drop of a hat (pardon the pun). When I called, he was the one who answered the phone. He had a digital copy of my insurance card in less than 10 minutes and was on site with me within 30 minutes.


Can you say, “Great customer service?”


Steve doesn’t know this, but earlier that day, an investor who was shopping around for rental insurance on upwards of 30 units had contacted me. The investor asked me who I used and I sent him Steve’s contact info. I told the investor that Steve is hardworking with great customer service skills. I said he understands creative deals and is very competent with subject-tos. And while Steve may not know what to do with all creative structures, he’ll put in the effort to find solutions quickly.


Not only has Steve saved us a lot of money on both our vehicle and property insurance, but he’s also willing to go above and beyond when you need him most. Thanks for being awesome Steve!


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.

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