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Do what you’ve got to doo-doo

Do what you’ve got to doo-doo.


I recently found myself deep inside part of the septic system at a house in Calhoun. I didn’t even know what this thing was when we bought it – it looks like a big green trash can lid lying on the ground. Turns out when you open the lid, instead of trash, you get a 10-foot-deep, couple-hundred-gallon tank of fecal filtered water.


Yours truly was down right in the middle of it. Do you want to be an investor yet?

Those green lids are part of a drip system. Drip systems are for areas where the land doesn’t percolate – meaning pooh water doesn’t seep away from the house well. These systems work by pumping grey water into lots of small field lines to force the water away from the house. This keeps the septic tank from getting full and backing up.


So why was I in this pool of pooh? Like I said, I had no idea what this green lid was. We found out, as my Daddy says, something wasn’t “kite yite” while we were rehabbing. Alarms kept going off saying the pump was shut off. I’m pretty handy, so I started tinkering with the system.


After many attempts, I fixed the problem and moved a nice family in. At least, I thought I fixed it.


Things got worse when we had people living there. We were on a tight budget on this house so I kept trying to fix it myself. The problem was I didn’t know what in the heck I was doing.


Don’t get me wrong, I tried to get professional help. But this particular system was put in by an installer who was no longer in business. No one could tell me how to fix it or even help me find someone that could. I was at my wit’s end!


FINALLY I met Mitchell of P&P Septic. Mitchell is a great guy who shows up on time and knows his stuff. He literally dove head first into this tank to reposition part of the sump pump.




That would’ve fixed everything had my many failed attempts not burned the motor up. Needless to say, we had to replace the sump pump. GO ME!


Knowing and treating guys like Mitchell well can save you a lot of money.


Case in point – we were looking to buy four duplexes and noticed that something about the septic wasn’t right. Mitchell came out and advised us NOT to buy the property because the whole area doesn’t perk.


I asked him how much it would cost to put in new field lines. The next thing he said shocked me. He told me that if I just wanted to put new field lines in I’d need to get someone else. He explained new field lines wouldn’t fix the problem and that he just couldn’t put his name on a “fix” like that. The correct solution, he said, would cost $30,000 per duplex.


That killed the deal.


I’m very grateful for Mitchell. His integrity and know-how saved me a ton of money and headaches that day. Any idea how much he charged me? A rain check for lunch. What a businessman!


As a beginning investor, you’ll find yourself doing all kinds of projects you aren’t equipped for. When you are in one of these situations, make sure it’s because you have to, not because you’re being cheap. You need good contractors like Mitchell around who know what they’re doing and have the integrity to do it right. As strange as it sounds, paying them now will save you money. Treat these guys right and they’ll take care of you.


P.S., Mitchell still hasn’t collected on his lunch.


Joe and Ashley English buy houses and mobile homes in Northwest Georgia. For more information or to ask a question, go to or call Joe at 678-986-6813.

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