Buying out-of-state property

Buying out-of-state property   We are selling a house right now, and it’s not a normal situation for us. It’s not a flip or a rental property. Instead, it’s the house my Grandmother owned until she passed in 2013.   There are some people who are cool with buying and owning property all over the world and back. But that idea is scary to me. I like having properties I…

Steady wins the race

Steady wins the race   During a recent walk with my kids, my first-born was showing out on his roller blades and my daughter was rolling around on a three-wheeled scooter. As we were walking and talking, the story of the tortoise and the hare got brought up.   Now I don’t know about you, but when I think about that story I don’t see a book of Aesop’s Fables….

Choosing the right agent

Choosing the right agent   Choosing the right real estate agent is something that’s important when buying — and especially when selling — real estate. This is because agents aren’t one-size-fits-all for every deal. And finding out what an agent is good at, and where they are located will help you determine whether or not you should hire them.   Let me explain.     Not all agents work in…

Be very careful right now

Be very careful right now   You may not know this, but we lost the very first real estate investment deal I was ever a part of to foreclosure. How’s that for a credential?   It wasn’t a house we had bought to flip or rent out. It was a house my family was building to live in for a few years and then sell to bolster my parent’s retirement….